How to Write a Successful Resume?


How to write a Successful resume?

To get a job for yourself, your resume is your most important tool. You may have lots of potential and the exact qualities to get the job, but if those are not presented well, chances are that you’ll be turned down the opportunity. For a lack of this sort, you may even be denied to a chance of an interview. So taking time and carefully putting all the necessary information into a systematic order is a MUST for you. Today we will discuss the most common confusions while preparing a resume for a job.

Resume; what’s it for?

A resume is simply your marketing tool. It will demonstrate why you are eligible for the post, that you meet all the job requirements, that you have the right qualifications and education for the job, that you possess the right level of professionalism for the job and that you have the prior experience in similar field.


A resume does not have an ideal length. It may be only 1 page if you are a fresher and don’t have any work experience. For some experience and a long list of education, it may be of 2 pages. Or it can even be of 3 pages for a person with a long history of work and education. Frankly, the number of pages doesn’t count while getting a job. It’s the right amount of information that does the trick.

Ordering is always a problem.

While writing a resume, the most common problem that people face is the order of writing. What to put on what and what not. Normally it is better to put all the information by the following structure:
    Contact details
    Opening statement
    List of key skills
    List of technical skills
    Personal attributes/career overview
    Educational qualifications

It is not obvious that you always have to do it in this order, you can very well be varied if the job as needs. The most important thing is to put the most relevant information on the top and the not so relevant on the bottom. And the only important thing is to hit the target.

Is a change needed for each application?

Yes, it is. You should write the resume before each application in a way that responds perfectly to the position. Remember, you might not need to rewrite the whole thing, but a simple alteration here and there is always good and attracts the attention of the interviewers. It is mandatory to tailor your resume to prove how your experience, skills, and education meet the needs of the job you are applying for.
These are the points to ponder before writing a resume. Now let us talk about the content of your resume.

What to include?

Contact details:
Start your resume with your name and contact details on it. Contact details include your phone number, both home and personal, your email ID, your other contact details like Skype or hangout. Generally, it is preferable to avoid giving your home address on your resume but exceptions can be made for special situations.
You can also put these details in the bottom portion of your resume but if you do so, never forget to keep it in the body of your resume and not in the footer. Because some of the companies sort out from the pool of applications electronically and software’s don’t read the ‘header’ and ‘footer’ portion at all.

Opening statement:

It’s a summary of who you are, what’s your educational qualifications and work experience and what you will bring to the company. The ideal length for this statement is six lines. Always write it in the first person without the personal reference. For example, instead of writing “I did this”, write “Did this”. You are talking to your employer through your resume. Keep that in mind.

Skills and strengths:

Your resume should include a list of 10 to 15 skills that will link yourself to the job.
When you are seeing a job advertisement, you will find “required skills” and “desirable skills” written wide and clear in it. Put your skills in a way that responds to all of that skills list.

Technical skills:
This is a list of the technological tools and software you know how to use. Examples are:
    Microsoft Office
    Programming languages
    Accounting software’s etc

Personal attributes:

If you are a fresh graduate and don’t have much or any experience at all, listing out your personal attributes is a very good trick. These attributes will prove why you are the right person for the job. You can put four to five attributes but be sure that you don’t put them instead of your key skills.


Always put only the highest level of education in your resume. Your interviewer is probably not interested in all your academic life. Try to point out some academic achievements under bullets.


Now, this is the most important part. If you have worked in several organizations, start off with the most recent one. And then go backward. Carefully point out all the information about each employment including your role there.


Your resume should include two references who will testify for you that you were a good employee to work with. It is better to put the names with or under whom you worked before. Provide their names, designations and contact numbers in this section.


It is another good way to prove your worth to your “would be” employer. It’s easy to ask for a testimonial from your former boss or colleagues. It will save your employer the hassle of contacting them to know about you. But be careful to attach the testimonials with your resume. Do not attach more than two.

What NOT to include?

Do not include your private information like your date of birth, gender or health status in your resume unless the job ad says that they are looking for a young professional or may be a female for the position.
Avoid any typing error, image or graphics, and fancy formatting. Keep it simple. Have the most useful information in it. And arrange it in an attractive way. That should do the work.


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