How to face a job interview effectively?


How to face a job interview effectively?

Facing an interview with a greater chance of success is not a rocket science. The main fact is to sell yourself effectively so that the interviewer realizes that you are the perfect person for the job. To be successful you just need to know about yourself, your strengths, your skills that are necessary to your employer and why the company should give you the chance. To ensure all these, giving a two-minute test run is a very good thing to do.


This is the most important part of an interview. Before each interview, you should take a good preparation for it. This includes the following:
• Conduct a research on the company you are about to apply.
• Review your own accomplishments, both organizationally and academically.
• Have a deep thought about your skills and work experience.
• Prepare an explanation of why you are making the job switch and why it is important for your career.

First Impression

Your first impression will tell a lot about you and frankly, 50% of the chance of being successful in a job interview depends on how strong and suitable an impression you make your first appearance. For a positive first impression, do the following:

• Be perfectly neat and tidy in your appearance.
• Color coordination of your professional attire is a must.
• A firm handshake is always better.
• Provide them a fresh copy of your resume.
• Maintain eye contact while speaking.
• Be professional in your gesture and posture.

Highlight your strengths & skills

Most interviewers will try to find out your strengths, and more importantly, your weaknesses if you have any. So it’s better to collect yourself and present to them in a positive manner. Highlight your skills and strengths, both professional and personal. Talk about why YOU are the person they were searching. And tactfully handle the weakness part. Denying the fact about your weaknesses is not an option for you. Denying will have a negative overall effect on them. So accept it and let them understand how you will deal with those and overcome those. A person having a clear idea of what he/she lacks is always preferable to the person who thinks that he/she doesn’t have any.


In an interview board, it’s all about how confidently you are handling the situation. Being enthusiastic about your abilities, the clients, and potential opportunity helps convince the interviewer that you are a viable candidate. Throughout the interview be enthusiastic but not egotistic. Answer all the questions that are thrown at you thoughtfully and in great detail. And be prepared to answer the expected questions about yourself.

Ask your questions:

Many interviewees think that asking questions in an interview board is considered rude while it’s not. Rather ask about the company, your possible responsibilities, expectations, support, training and evaluation process etc. Asking the questions related to your job and career opportunity is a good way to prove that you are there for a career opportunity and not merely for the benefits.

Ask for the position:

During the interview explain in detail why you are interested in the position they are offering and why you are the right person for the post. Explain in which ways your skills, experience, and abilities will benefit the company in the long run. And if you feel everything is positive, you can also ask about the procedure of proceeding to the next step of their hiring process.

Not to do:

Do NOT want to know your salary base or try to negotiate it until you are given the opportunity. Let them talk about it first. If they do, you can then talk about it. But if otherwise, asking about your salary or other benefits will send a negative signal to them and they will think that you are there only for the money. In that case, they will think that today they are offering a handsome amount so you are with them, but after some time if anyone else offers you more, you will leave them. It ultimately leaves you in a faulty position.

Wrap up
After finishing the interview you can send them a thanks note. It will reinforce a sense of trustworthiness of you among them.


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