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Important Tips For Cover letter Writing.

Cover Letter Writing TipsIn today’s competitive job market, the job seekers must come to the job search with dazzling curriculum vitae or resumes and eye-catching cover letters. “Nowadays, it is almost unheard of applying for a job, even for an internship, without a cover letter”. A cover letter deserves the same amount of attention as a curriculum vitae or resume gets.
Perhaps the purpose of your cover letter is to ensure that your resume will be considered further. There may be hundreds of job applications, and those applications are scanned within a few seconds by the authority to see if your skills and experience meet the requirements mentioned in the job circular. An eye-catching cover letter may play a vital role to create a good impression on you.

  • Here, some outstanding tips are given for you to make your cover letter a winning one!
    At first, you should go through the job advertisement and mark the key words mentioned by the recruiter. “These key words should be your weapon for writing the cover letter”. Try to emphasis on this key terms while writing your cover letter.
  • A cover letter should not appear like a descriptive version of your CV. You have to demonstrate why you are the ideal candidate for the job and it needs to be done within maximum four paragraphs.
    It’s also important that your cover letter is customized for each job you’re applying for. If it’s possible to gather the sufficient information on the recruiter, then personalize your cover letter using the relevant hiring manager or recruiter’s name. Don’t forget to mention the name of recipient, title, organization’s name and address in the left side of the cover letter.
  • Try to use professional language and keep the language as simple as possible. We recommend you to use such a font that will be easy for reading such as 11/12 pt. Arial/ Times New Roman. You should use A4 white paper while submitting a hard copy of your cover letter.
  • Make sure to include your name, the date of application and proper contact details so that your cover letter and resume can be matched again if they are separated anyhow during the sorting process.
    The opening paragraph of your cover letter should be used to mention the particular job you are applying for and the fact that you have enough confidence to be suited for the role. For example, “I would like to express my keen interest for the post of “X’ advertised in “Y” on “Z”, as I believe my educational background, skills and experience are a good match for this position.”
  • The second Paragraph should get the employer(s) an idea why they should be interested in you or should pay attention to your eagerness. It may be something like, “Please find resume enclosed, but my experience in “A” meets the requirements of your post, as my role at “C” was to “D”.”
  • A third paragraph can emphasis on one of your particular achievement or a few experience relevant to your desired job. You may also express what you could also offer them in the third paragraph. The last paragraph should be used to put an end to the letter in a polite manner. For example, “I look forward to meeting you in person to discuss on how I could contribute to your organization. Yours sincerely.”
  • It’s always a better idea to emphasis on what you can do for your potential employer or organization, rather than emphasizing on why their organization would be beneficial to your career.
  • It’s very important that you have double-checked the letter for mistakes. You may take help from one of your friend or relatives on this regard.It’s sometimes mandatory to sign the hard copies.
    You may check out some sample cover letters here!

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