How to become a pharmacist from Bangladesh


How to become a pharmacist from Bangladesh: A step

by step process illustrated.


              Generally in Bangladesh, if an H.S.C. student is in the science department, parents want their sons or daughters to get their graduation from medical, civil or computer engineering, or at least from architecture department. But, not all of the fingers in a hand are the same. If everyone was admitted into these departments, the country would collapse as there wouldn’t be any pharmacists, chemists, agriculturists, geologists or any other professionals in various segments of science. Practically speaking, that doesn’t happen. Some are forced to join other branches of science and technology, while some choose to be on a different path. Let us assume here that you are an H.S.C. student studying science and planning to be a pharmacist in life. The most important issue you would face is, “What should I do to be a pharmacist?” Not to worry my young friend, I will guide you through the right track here. Just keep a keen eye.

I want to be a pharmacist, what should I do?
In order to become a pharmacist by profession, you must complete your graduation in Pharmacy. You may do it from hundreds of educational institutions in Bangladesh.
Requirements: To sit for the exam, you need to have “Biology” as a subject in your H.S.C. Normally, the public universities require at least an “A” in Biology along with Physics and Mathematics. Same is the case with the private universities as well.

Admission Examination: Along with other qualifications stated on the brochures of each university, if you are eligible for the exam, you will then appear in the exam. The exam subjects will be more or less as follows; depending on the universities:

Physics (Compulsory)
Chemistry (Compulsory)
Mathematics (Compulsory)
Biology (Compulsory)
English/Bengali (Either of them)

  • If you have a fabulous examination, chances are that you’ll be on the merit list of the result. If so, you will be appearing in a viva voce and if everything’s alright, you will get the permission to admit yourself in the department.
    List of the public universities offering the Pharmacy course-University of Dhaka
    Khulna University
    Jahangirnagar University
    Rajshahi University
    Noakhali Science & Technology University and
    Jagannath University
    Bachelor of Pharmacy in University of Dhaka

    The university of Dhaka offers a 4 year Bachelor course in Pharmacy. This department was established in 1964. Today this university takes in 70 students a year and it has a Universal Accreditation.

Bachelor of Pharmacy in Jahangirnagar University
Department was established in 1985 and takes 55 students per year. This department has a Provisional Accreditation.

Bachelor of Pharmacy in Khulna University
Started in 1997, this university has an enrollment of 37 students for a year. It has a Permanent Accreditation.

Bachelor of Pharmacy in Rajshahi University
Started from 1993 and has 45 intakes per year. This university has a Permanent Accreditation from the Pharmacy Board of Bangladesh.

Bachelor of Pharmacy in NSTU
Among all the public universities, this one is relatively new but has more intake facility than the rest. It takes 50 students per semester and has 2 semesters in a year. That makes a stunning 100 enrollment. Though it currently has a Temporary Accreditation, it will get the full accreditation soon.

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy in Jagannath University

    This is the newest member of the team. Starting in 2009, this university has more or less 30 seats for a year. PCB accreditation is not yet received, but they will surely get it in the near future.
    So, you sit for the entrance exam for either one or more of these, have a real good performance in the exam and viva and voila! You are now one step closer to materialize your dream.
    But that’s the Happy Start! What happens if you can’t do that? Do not worry, if you are sticking to your plan of becoming a Pharmacist, there are lots of private universities in our country who offer this course.
    List of the public universities offering the Pharmacy course-University of Science and TechnologyThe University of Asia Pacific
    Gono Biswabiddyalay
    Manarat International University
    State University of Bangladesh
    East-West University
    Southeast University
    Northern University
    Primeasia University
    Stamford University Bangladesh
    University of Development Alternative
    North South University
    Dhaka International University
    Southern University Bangladesh
    International Islamic University
    Bangladesh University
    Atish Dipankar University of Science and Technology
    Daffodil International University
    World University of Bangladesh
    BRAC University
    ASA University

**The green marked university is the BEST in this field and the yellow marked ones are renowned in Bangladesh.

***All of the private universities have provisional accreditation from the PCB.
My graduation(B.Pharm) is done; what should I do now?

Once you have completed your graduation, you may choose either of two paths. You can study further, or you can look for a handsome job.

If your family and the personal condition is in your support e.g. you don’t have to bother entering into the income stream right away, you should choose to do your Masters in Pharmacy. For that, you may also choose either public or private university, whichever suits you the best. You may even want to fly to another country for your post graduation. Some European countries like Germany and France are really good in this sector. Or you may want to complete your M.Pharm here and then would want to go to another country for a Ph.D. What you will do, totally depends upon your aim, planning, and financial condition.

But not everyone can fancy a post graduation right after completing his/her graduation. For them, the best option is to look for jobs that will help them establishing their career. After graduation, you can search for related jobs on different sources. These sources include newspapers; both printed and online, job sites like or

My personal advice to you is, always go for the reputed companies. They offer job security, fringe benefits and most of all, an attractive 6-digit salary. One problem you might face in searching for jobs is, almost all the reputed companies require their candidates to have at 1 or 2 years of experience for the senior level posts. But you are only a fresher. From where do you get your experience if not appointed to a job? What is the solution for that? In that case, you have to plan your career wisely. For example, if you dream to work in companies like Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, and Orion, you have to work for at least a year in smaller companies. Remember, Bangladesh is all about the experience. Once you gather some experience in the related field, you can apply for any post in any company.
There is another way out of this. It sometimes happens that companies are coming to your campus before you even have passed your graduation and doing an on-campus recruitment. If you already know that you have to get a job after completion, try your best to perform in the recruitment process. This is a very good chance to get yourself a job before even passing.

If you plan for yourself that I’m gonna complete my graduation, then I’m gonna get a job in a small company, then after acquiring the necessary skills and experience I will join a multinational pharmaceutical company, you need to be very careful with each step. Because once you’ve planned, there is no coming back. It’s like a train track. You can’t change tracks the moment you feel otherwise. With the right strategy, you may reach your dream destination in a couple of years.

What is this PCB?

PCB stands for Pharmacy Council of Bangladesh who is the regulatory authority working under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. They do the checking for compliance of the universities and institutes who offer Pharmacy as a course. After checking the conformity, PCB provides accreditation to those universities and institutes.

What if I have a school certificate and still want to become a Pharmacist?
No problem at all. You just need to get yourself admitted into an institute who offers a Diploma in Pharmacy. You don’t need to pass H.S.C. for getting a Pharmacy diploma for yourself. There are lots of really good institutions. The official website of PCB shows 50 such institutes from where you can do it.

Warning: DO NOT go for any unregistered institution as it may not be accredited by the Pharmacy Council.

I don’t want to be a full-time pharmacist, I just need to be a retailer.
If that is your aim and if you have a school certificate, you can apply for a Pharmacy Certificate Registration Course conducted directly by this authority. It will take only 2,750 BDT to complete the course with exam.

I have tried to accumulate all the information in one place, but there can still be some things of which you would want to know. For this sort of situation, you have two options. You can search it for yourself or you can ask for my help. Please feel free to leave me your confusions and curiosities and I will very much like to help you with every aspect. Best of luck.

♥♥Thanks For Reading!!

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