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The Most Common and Important Interview Rules, Must maintain a job-seekers.

Job Interview_miniGetting scared of the job interview? Badly in need of some tips for your upcoming interview? Well! Probably you are at the right place now on that purpose!
Even if you are the smartest in appearance, you have to follow some techniques to succeed in the interview. You may ask, “Why?” well! Interviewing is a skill that you have to learn by practice. You have to make a good first impression and of course, you should get them a clear idea on your capability and competency! So, we suggest you some techniques to improve your interview skills!

Best Interview Techniques:
Conduct Research on your desired post & company:
The employer often asks some questions like-“Why have you chosen our organization?” or “What do you know about this position/ post?” They will definitely try to get an idea on how much you are enthusiastic about them or how much you are prepared for the position! So, you have to build a solid foundation of knowledge on the organization and your desired position. You should have some primary idea on the background of the organization, purpose of the organization, the requirements of the position etc. So, try to gather some information from the organization’s website or some other available sources.
Be prepared for common interview questions:

You should have been prepared for some other common interview questions like above. The two questions mentioned above are given just to get you an idea on general interview questions. There are some familiar questions that you have face, no matter whether you are an engineer, a business graduate or an arts graduate! Apart from this, you will have to face some questions depending on your educational background. Do some study prior to your interview and be well-prepared!
You may follow the link to get an idea on traditional interview questions.

Dress for Job Success:
Try to have the most professional appearance that you can manage. Always wear clothing that fits you best and is definitely clean and pressed. We generally suggest to wear formal outfit, wearing suit or something less formal generally depends on the company culture and the position you are seeking.Try to keep the accessories and jewelry to a minimum.
Points to be noted!
Be sure to keep extra copies of your resume or CV with you.
If your post requires samples of work or portfolio and you have any, then bring that along with you.
Always keep at least two pens and a paper pad with you to take notes if needed.
Don’t forget to switch off your cell phone when you are getting into the office.

Be on time:
You will never find an excuse for being late for an interview. So, try to arrive half an hour before the scheduled time. It is very vital to get settled with the environment and sometimes it is needed to complete additional paperwork.
First impression is the best impression!
Always start by offering warm greetings to everyone you meet! When greeting your interviewer, make proper eye contact in a smiling face and offer a firm handshake standing straight to the interviewer.

Listen carefully!
Always try to listen what your interviewers say. They are giving you information either directly or indirectly. The interviewers often try to judge how much you are paying attention to their words. So, if you don’t listen properly, you are probably letting your opportunity go down. Good communication includes both listening and answering properly. So, be focused on what the interviewer says so that you can be authentic with your answers.


Be authentic!
Try to keep your answers short and to the point. Answer the questions in a firm, clear voice and always be honest with your responses. Try to provide solid examples or solutions or your accomplishments to explain your answers. It’s all about demonstrating confidence and positive attitude so that the interviewer get an idea that you are the ideal candidate for the post.

Ask insightful questions!
The interviewers often ask if the candidate has any question. Most candidates answer, “No.”- Which should not be the proper approach. Try to ask some insightful questions that might demonstrate your interest in what goes on in the organization. The interviewers always appreciate the candidate’s enthusiasm about their organization. You may also be able to get an idea if that is the ideal place for you or not through asking questions.

Be careful about bad habits!
Try to avoid all sorts of bad habits while the interviewing is going on, such as  slouching, playing with pen, looking at some other corners of the room while answering, fidgeting in chair, chewing gum, mumbling etc.

Don’t be too familiar!
An interview is not about making a new friend, rather its professional talk. So, try to keep your level of familiarity to an optimum level.

Be careful about your language!
Of course, you should use professional language that suits the environment. Be aware of any kind of inappropriate words that may reveal your negative mindset to any race, religion, or political organization.

Don’t appear too desperate for the job!
Don’t express anything that might mean, “I am very much desperate for your job! Please, please, hire me.” That will certainly let your personality down, and create a negative concept on the interviewer’s mind about you.
Thank the Interviewer(s)
At the end of your interview, finish it by thanking each and every person who interviewed you. It’s a symbol of common courtesy and politeness as these come to many other occasions!

Last but not the least!
You should always have fine balance between self-confidence and professionalism during your interview. Modesty is always important as it comes to other points and you should definitely keep these to an optimum level. So, be calm, cool and confident during your interview!

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